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ToI: Emet by AdelineChevalier ToI: Emet by AdelineChevalier
App for :icontear-of-ishtar: created by :iconsilvestervitale:

It's an ancient Babylonia inspired RP-group! Check it out~


Name: Emet
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 1.55 cm
Occupation: Queen/Seer
Class: Royal
Loyalty: Ally

Personality: Emet is an insightful and logical woman who carries herself with great confidence in her skills and knowledge. She’s very calm, warm and compassionate. She cares a lot about the people that surrounds her and tends to be overly protective over the people that she loves, but she doesn’t let anyone walk over or talk down to her. She knows what she wants and what she thinks and isn’t afraid of speaking her mind! She’s brave and refuses to be looked down upon or be pushed around.

Despite Emet’s confidence in her skills and herself she’s terribly afraid of being abandoned and of not being good enough. She also has a tendency to get very jealous and annoyed very easily.

History: Emet was abandoned by her parents in the middle of Babylon as a very young child. She was born sightless and her parents, being poor travelers, didn’t have the economy to provide for a blind child that couldn’t contribute to the family. Fortunately Emet was found and taken in by an old widow who lived alone in the slums and she was kind enough to take Emet under her wing and raised her as her own. Her foster mother passed away when Emet was fourteen years old, leaving the young girl to fend for herself in the slums of Babylon.

It became clear very early on that Emet was far from an ordinary child. She seemed to be able to see even though her eyes were blind and from time to time she whispered out in the blue, as if she was talking with someone. She spoke of the future and predicted things before they even happened and some people suspected that Emet was cursed. The truth of the matter is that Emet is a seer with a very strong spiritual presence. She used her talents to tell peoples fortunes to earn money and as she grew older Emet took on the occupation of a fortune-teller.

On a faithful night she received a horrible vision about the destruction of the kingdom and the fall of the king and his youngest son. Determined to change that future from happening she helped the young prince to escape from his brother before it was too late. Emet did her best to support the prince while he prepared for the oncoming battle with his brother and despite their differences she fell deeply in love with him. She assisted the prince in his battle against his brother and used her powers to seal away The tear of Ishtar so that it would never harm anyone ever again. When things was calm once again she married the prince, becoming his queen.


Her king <3

Sewing - Sewing makes her relax OvO

Cooking - Growing up alone has made her into a pretty skilled chef. She doesn’t get much use of her skills now that she’s a queen, but sometimes she sneaks into the kitchen and cooks something anyway

The garden

Her friends


The concubine and the harem – She doesn’t hate them as persons, but rather their role…. Emet dislikes the idea that her husband sleeps with someone else due to her upbringing, and she has a hard time to accept it, but does her best to try and ignore it. She feels like she isn’t good enough and that her husband might forget about her and throw her away…

Citrus fruits – She hates the consistency, not the taste, and refuses to eat them!

Abandonment – Emet is afraid of being abandoned and unwanted. She was abandoned as a child and it still haunts her.

Thunder – Emets has a very big phobia for thunder. She more or less becomes a crying wreck when a thunderstorm sweeps in.

Additional information:

-Emet is, as mentioned, a seer. She used to work as a fortune-teller on the streets before she became a queen. She can tell someone’s fortune based on the palm of their hand or by reading the cards or throwing bones.
Some of her spiritual powers are;

Visions: She can receive visions of the future. While they are accurate for the most of the time, they can be hard to interpret, last for a long time and they sometimes makes her fatigued and dizzy.

Sealing: Emet has the power to seal things away, and while the seals can take a long time to perfect, they are usually very strong.

Healing: She possesses the power to heal wounds.

Possession: This is a power that Emet doesn’t have complete control over yet and only discovered recently. The spirit of a deceased person can possess her body, using it as a vessel, and interact with their surroundings. Emet herself doesn’t really remember anything that happens while her body is possessed.

-Emet keeps a VERY strange collection of trinkets, bones and other things related to magic in her room. Her own personal favorite is a human skull that she calls Aka XD She sometimes uses her collection and skills to play pranks on her chambermaids and guards xD

- While Emet does her best to settle into the palace and her new role as a queen she retains a close bond with the slum she grew up in and sneaks out to visit from time to time. She does her best to retain the contact with her old friends, but she’s starting to realize that it’s getting harder due to her new rank and life…

-Emet owns a white cat named Jalil, whom has been with her since her days in the slum. He’s a real little diva and is singlehandedly responsible for the sudden outburst of kittens in the palace.


Emet (c) me~

:icontear-of-ishtar: (c) :iconsilvestervitale:
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